Bicyclist in sunshine crossing Falls Bridge over Schuylkill River, Philadelphia
Rower leaving shadow of bridge, entering sunlight
View of Philadelphia Museum of Art from Schuylkill Banks
Beauty Town, Gerard Ave, Philadelphia, Trolly, Street Car, John Attanasio
Biker and jogger on trail beneath railroad bridge in sunlit park
View of bridge over Schuylkill River from Laural Hill Cemetery
Corner building on tiny street in bright sunlight
Man at fire barrel in Italian Market, South Philadelphia
Runner and biker on trail near Columbia Bridge over Schuylkill River
Street view of row houses and cars on Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia
Broad Street Train Shed circa 1900
Passenger ship SS United States at pier in Philadelphia, with shipping containers and pier vehicles
View of dam on Schuylkill River
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